Business Show 2017 at Excel Centre

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This Year’s Business Show 2017 at Excel Centre

Finally the sun has decided to grace us with its presence and here I am sitting in a hot sticky darkened room writing this post.

The good thing is that May 2017 has turned out to be a much better month in terms of activities and interest than grey smoggy April.

So what has been happening since Traverse 17, well of course there’s the annual Business Show at Excel which I have included in this post plus highlights and photos: I have a short video of Andy Harrington in full flow as well but I think it needs editing first.

But prior to the Business Show 2017 at Excel Centre London was Visit Hertfordshire, just minutes out of London is this sprawling and beautiful countryside that has been named in countless films, series and even in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Visit Hertfordshire tour was the idea of Chigwell Tours & Visits as part of an UKInbound recce of the county. The visit included a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park which was fascinating, especially during the feeding of the white tiger, a whirlwind visit to Knebworth House which we’re told was featured in countless films and even had a visit from Noel Gallagher. Then ontoDe Vere Theobalds Estate, a rambling and spacious hotel set in 5 acres of land which housed Tesco’s Training centre as well as a secluded Tree House used for corporate meetings.

We spent the evening there wining and dining, meeting the local gin distiller and sampling his wares – which I love, none of the awful after-effects some gins have.

Day two we spent the morning meeting 20 local attractions and their representatives; exhausting to say the least but all tiredness was forgotten by the time we arrived at St Albans Cathedral with its stunning arches and it’s quirky Guide.

Verdict was that this recce was worth the effort and we will definitely return to at least 3 of the Hertfordshire attractions.

So now to the Business Show 2017 at Excel Centre London. I was in 2 minds about attending but I got a phone call from their marketing department and booked to attend to find that there were not as many people as say in 2015. There was room to walk and most importantly attend the many workshops and presentations.

I Missed the Keynote Speakers at the Business Show

I in fact missed all the Keynote speakers, it’s great hearing how they became rich but I now need to put some of their strategies into place so I went to the following sessions instead:

  1. How small business can avoid getting hacked – Andrew Brogden
  2. Need to make a video? Get confident on Camera – Will Dolan
  3. Stop wasting and start making money from your marketing right now guranteed! – Kimberley Davis
  4. From benefit mum to property business owner in 11 years – Vicki Wusche
  5. How to get millions viewing your online content – Daniel Disney
  6. Andy Harrington – Power to Achieve
  7. Digital Entrepreneur Masterclass

I visited a lot of really useful stands such as the Virgin Business Bus and the Amazon Business stand as well as smaller providers who paid £400 excluding VAT for a space small enough to hang a coat and hat.

I don’t know but this year’s experience was a lot better for me that all the previous years rolled into one. There was a lot of information about Affiliate marketing, many businesses were geared towards promoting this opportunity; it’s been a long time coming but at last affiliate programmes are being embraced.



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