Building Passive Income Streams – the Life of a successful Property Developer, 7pm on Tuesday 24th June

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Claire HunteMeet WFiL June ‘Conversationalist’ Claire Hunte, Property Developer and serial entrepreneur. Join us at World Food in London Business networking event to converse with Claire about how you as a small business owner can expand and invest in assets that will help you firstly build wealth and secondly plan, invest and develop a property portfolio that will reap passive income on a monthly basis.

We will meet on Tuesday 24th June, 7pm to eat gorgeous Malaysian Food at a restaurant in Chinatown whilst conversing. This month networking meeting is aimed at ALL business owners who want not only to save some of their income but also who want to invest in their future.

Claire tells me that with the help of her partner they transformed rundown properties and build funky, stylish homes. They bought and redeveloped their first property 12 years ago, since then they have bought, built or redeveloped and sold a number of properties, all of which were sold for their target goal, the highest price on the street for that style of property.

Last month our guest ‘Conversationalist’, Cemanthe McKenzie, founder of New Media Angels talked about the Power of Social Media and the previous month Peter Mudahy CEO of Pak Wholesales talked about getting his hair and beauty business into retailers such as Asda.

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It is FREE to attend this meeting, however, you will need to pay for all food and drink you order and consume at the restaurant.