30 Day Blogging Challenge

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30 Day Blogging Challenge

I have been mulling over Sarah Arrow’s 30 day blogging challenge and I have decided not to accept it.

Why you may say? Well I listened to Sarah on Tuesday morning at Business Scene event and since then I have been thinking what could I write about each day for 30 days? The resounding answer came back; ‘Nothing of importance!’ my life is that dull.

Plus what Sarah didn’t mention was the 30 sleepless nights I would inevitably spend thinking about what I should write during the 30 days. I can predict only one outcome from this blogging challenge: sheer exhaustion.

Then there is the distraction; I will be so busy thinking about writing a blog that I will have little or no time imagining greatness for my business.

Most scarily is the fact that Sarah has created a punishment for those who do not complete the blogging task ie a ‘VIRTUAL SLAP’.

This idea of being slapped virtually has kept me awake on both Tuesday and Wednesday night wondering what form this slap takes, does it hurt, is it effective, who else will know if I am slapped, is it legal to slap someone virtually etc etc

Having written this post about not wanting to write 30 blogs I have convinced myself that the benefits of writing a blog a day to my business far outweigh the inconvenience of sleepless nights and so I have/will accept Sarah’s challenge.