Black Food History – Caribbean Style

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Black Food History – Caribbean Style

Soul Vegan Supper Club | Black History Month Special EVENT

Who is Soul Vegan?

We are 3 sisters, island girls (born and raised vegan) who dreamt of owning our own restaurant & bakery years ago. After working for our community’s Soul Vegetarian restaurants around the world we have finally made this a reality. Our long-term vision is to open a restaurant in London.

What are we about?

Providing delicious, healthy, reasonably priced, glorious food. And of course… it’s got to be Vegan!



Beyond the scotch bonnet: the rise of Caribbean food in the UK

A young generation of British-Caribbean chefs are reclaiming their culinary heritage and bringing it to a new audience

Nyamming, which takes its name from Jamaican patois for eating, is investigating Caribbean food and culture beyond jerk chicken and rice and peas; and this first iteration is taking me right back to my roots by combining Caribbean and West African cuisine.

Owners Poppy and Dan Thompson invited a handful of diners to secret locations. “Vegan Caribbean is an ancient thing,” explains Poppy. “It’s definitely not new but it’s now coming to the forefront as veganism as a whole is growing.” 

Nyammings: 88 authentic Caribbean recipes: 1 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Black Food History – Caribbean Style

Belly Full: Caribbean Food in the UK by Tezeta Press

Black Food History – Caribbean Style


Jamie Oliver has said his controversial ‘punchy jerk rice’ is so popular he needs to make more. The TV chef, 43, has been accused of cultural appropriation for labelling the product ‘jerk’, despite the microwavable dish not containing any of the ingredients used in a traditional Jamaican jerk marinade.

Responding to the criticism, Jamie said in a statement: ‘I’ve worked with flavours and spices from all over the world my whole career, learning and drawing inspiration from different countries and cultures to give a fresh twist to the food we eat every day.

Black Food History - Caribbean Style
Black History Month 2019 blog


Black Food History – Caribbean Style

Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen [ITV] [DVD] by Spirit Entertainment

Black Food History – Caribbean Style

Caribbean Modern: Recipes from the Rum Islands

London-based Shivi, has been dubbed by The Guardian as “Caribbean Food Supremo”, and by BA The Club magazine as “Queen of Contemporary Caribbean Cooking”.  She has shared her unique, fresh and colourful approach to flavoursome Caribbean food across London and the UK, via her supper club, and subsequently through restaurant and brand collaborations and her first book, Caribbean Modern: Recipes From The Rum Islands. 

Caribbean Modern: Recipes from the Rum Islands by Headline Home