Best Superfoods 2016

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So here are a few articles about the Best Superfoods 2016

We think cowfoot and broadbean stew is a superfood which is not even mentioned in the endless list of recommended fruits, meals, berries and seeds discussed in UK press, magazine and online.

A real shame and one that will not be easily rectified without hours of lobbying and raising awareness posts/tweets.

In compensation here are a few links to enjoyable YouTube presentations worth watching:


How about Roald Dahls Revolting Recipes Cook Book for other ideas?


Below we have a more sanitised list of Best Superfoods 2016

Best superfoods 2016 includes black pudding, goji berries, bone broth and we think cow foot curry. Our best superfoods list covers cancer curing ideas.

50 Best Superfoods 2016 for fighting cancer 

Papaya’s health benefits are almost countless. It is rich in tropical goodness as well as key flavonoids that help your body fight cancer cells.

Here we have ‘The Superfoods that will have everyone talking in 2016’ 

Gluten-free grain amaranth also makes the list, along with black rice and mushroom powder. Australian bush food, the Kakadu plum, is also in the list of eight top superfoods given its high levels of vitamin C.

I don’t know about your to Black Pudding but my reaction was, I don’t think so 

Journalist Anucyia Victor has drawn up a list of 16 foods she predicts will be ‘huge’ in 2016, including black beans, seaweed, avocado oil – and breakfast staple black pudding.

Bone Broth Best Superfoods 2016 

Marie Claire’s list of Superfoods is Bone broth which has been hailed as the forgotten super food:

Goji Berries Best Superfoods 2016

This website has the usual super foods including goji berries.
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