Benefits of Eating Beans and Legumes

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So what are the benefits of eating beans and legumes?

The question is what are legumes and secondly what are the benefits of eating beans and legumes? Legumes are seeds, pods, beans that we can buy tinned or fresh from the supermarket and local shops.

These super foods are rich is protein but without the saturated fats found in animal protein so they are great to eat if you are thinking about starting a diet.

Other Benefits of eating beans and legumes

Beans are high in minerals and fibre which could help to lower cholesterol and regulate your blood sugars.

Lentils are a rich source of iron helps manage blood pressure and prevent osteoporosis.

Black beans, kidney beans and other beans contain Vitamin C which helps to prevent arthritis as well as foster healthy skin and hair.

There are many other health benefits including reducing the effects of diabetes, prevention of cardiac diseases to name a few.

Here is a great video from YouTube about Chia Seeds How to Eat Chia Seeds – 3 Ways! | Chia Seeds Benefits.

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