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  World Food in London (WFiL) revels in the ethnic food and drink scene in London.  Demand for ever more exotic ingredients makes this an exciting time to be a foodie, a food importer/wholesaler/retailer, a restaurateur or a humble street-food artist. As a Business Foodie site we want to  bring all things food and drink to you; to discover new outlets and to share and celebrate our knowledge of world foods in London. At the heart of what World Food in London does is the promotion of ethnic foods in London, showcase creators of new products, provide an on-line resource food and drinks directory, facilitate partnerships and champion business development.


WFiL Business Club

We know first hand that many local business deals are made whilst eating good food. We have created a Club that facilitates buyers and sellers in a natural environment. The Club is open to business owners, entrepreneurs or food enthusiasts who wish to join this network. Club meetings are held on-line quarterly on a Tuesday evening during which guest ‘Conversationalists’ from ALL industries are invited to talk about their passion for business, food and life. To date we have listened to experts from Finance, Property, Hair and Beauty sector, Social Media gurus, Food and Drink industry and Sales.

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WFiL Fiona Latter Interview

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WFiL Directory

World Food in London (WFiL) Directory brings Foodies who are business owners face to face with restaurateurs, retailers and wholesalers who promote ethnic foods. WFiL Directory is an online listing of relevant products and services. Additionally many of these products and services are featured on WFiLTV, visit our YouTube Channel for more information. WFiL TV uses a magazine format to bring to you information about business development, how to create winning products, choosing the right business models and how to set up and run an successful affiliate programme.


WFiL – New Product Launch

We know that ethnic fusion foods are being created daily, either in the vibrant street-food scene and for example by Jeanne in her studio flat. Additionally crowdfunded food and drinks companies are on the increase and we will be following them as they grow and develop. What is equally intriguing is the huge number of Start-up Loan entrepreneurs who are now entering the Food and Drinks industry; we definitely want to be part of their product launch and to witness the impact their creative ideas have on the food and drink industry. Plus there are supermarkets which are not so much encouraging the creation of new products but are now increasing their ‘World Food’ section. Tasting new foods and trying out new products are a way of life for London’s adventurous, diverse and cosmopolitan community. This aspect of WFiL’s service will be available by the end of November 2014.


WFiL – Gifts, Offers and Vouchers

FREE Gifts, Offers and Vouchers will be available on the site shortly. Some members need you,  as Foodies, to attend their events, take part in their research, sample their new creations or simply write a review of their products. Contact us if you are a supplier and you would like to reach our readership.


WFiL – Recipe Listings

There is so much good and healthy food to sample out there that we thought it best to bring the food to you via tasty easy to do recipes. We should have over 30 easy to do recipes on the site by the end of January. Contact us if you would like to have your recipe listed on our site.

Email info@worldfoodinlondon.com or call on 020 8980 5868 to discover what we have to offer.

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Kate Barrett CEO of Shine a Light Media and World Food in London July 'Conversationalist'
Kate Barrett CEO of Shine a Light Media and World Food in London July ‘Conversationalist’

Previous guest ‘Conversationalist’ includes Kate Barrett (pictured) a Director of Shine a Light email marketing company, Claire Hunte, a Property Developer specialising in Interior Design and Owner and Co-founder of LivingFunky; Cemanthe McKenzie, founder of New Media Angels a Social Media for business organisation and Peter Mudahy CEO of Pak Wholesales a Hair and Beauty distribution company.


Membership is FREE to all Foodies, Business owners, consultants and Food enthusiasts who work from home, are solo/entrepreneurs. As a member you will be able to access the Business Club on-line meetings as well as enjoy many of the offers featured on WFiL website. In addition you will have free website only listings in the WFiL Directory. PAID MEMBERSHIP  As a paid up WFiL Member you will be able to join the list of guest ‘Conversationalists’ at club meetings and events. Perhaps you want to begin presenting your product from stage but you do not want to host your own event, nor do you have the time to attract an audience; as a WFiL member you can reach your audience through our extensive mailing list and also our followers on Twitter and Facebook. You will also have access to WFiL’s exclusive, Joint Ventures and Affiliate Programme and Access to Finance Training held every other month plus you can take part in Meet the Buyer opportunities. As a paid up Member you will have first chance to dine with a Business Guru, successful Celebrity guest ‘Conversationalist’ and most importantly notable Chefs. World Food in London is not only about enjoying work but also about loving good food and even better conversation.

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